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ivy says

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Graphic Novel

I am sure you have heard that The Hollows are going graphic! More importantly, all sanctioned and approved by none other than Kim Harrison. These characters are her babies, so when she says that's it, than this is it.

Technically, this is a prequel to the main story. In addition, it's Ivy's POV instead of Rachel's, so that's a definite treat for me. I want to see how her mind works.

This Graphic Novel, Kim says, is being drawn by an artist called Pedro Maia. I must say i wouldn't like these sketches if they were two Marvel-like, slim/fit/gorgeous chicks. Like there are different just in the colour of their skin and hair (and what little things they have on).

It's due sometime in 2011. After Black Magic Sanction, the eighth book in the series. Personally i'm waiting eagerly. Also, BMS hardcover is on pre-order at amazon.


I'm very excited for this! I like the art a lot -- it's pretty, but not in an unrealistic, overly cheesecakey way -- and while I've always imagined Rachel's face a little more... well, defined- and mature-looking (leaner, with stronger chin and cheekbones and a longer nose), I absolutely love the artist's rendering of Ivy! She actually looks Asian! I hope the colouring will be just as great.
If i'm not mistaken, Ivy is 23 and Rachel is 21 here. And Kim says Ivy looks even better in colour. I agree with you about the figures. They look real. Not cartoonish.
That's cool.. i hope i'll still be interested in 2011..
But why does it have to be from Ivys pov? I don't like her..
I hope Al's in there. XD I would love to see proper Algaliarept art.

December 2010

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